Born for Your Success....

WHITE STORM series 85+

350 W | 450 W | 550 W | 700 W

Born for Your Success....

GOLDEN WORKER series 90+

500 W | 750 W

Born for Your Success....

MINER series 90+

1600 W

About Us

The 1stCOOL brand was established and is owned by EC & P Trading Company s.r.o. Our employees have more than twenty years of experiences in sphere of PSUs, computer cases and other accessories. Strong competition in IT industry brings continious challanges, that’s why providing the best, quality and efficient goods based on the newest technology and for the best price to our customers is our number one priority and goal. To accomplish this goal, we are developing long and successfull relations with our partners. We are convinced, that you will appreciate not only our goods but also our vision, goals and philosophy. Not only we want to deliver high quality products, but also provide support for our partners. And together with you fulfill our motto „Born for Your success.“

Power supply units

You cannot make it today without quality power supply unit. Many users underestimate relevance of this component and do not consider it as important as the processor or graphics cards.

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Computer Case

Nowadays, computer cases can be small or big. Thin or thick. Long or short. The choice is yours. Pick quality processed cases for reasonable price.

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The computer fan provides airflow in the computer cabinet. The resulting airflow sucks cool air into the cabinet and blows warm air out of the cabinet.

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